Finland’s Most Beautiful Stamp of 2020

09 Feb 2021  Tue

This stamp called A Little Dreamer was voted as Finland’s most beautiful stamp of 2020. 29,410 votes were cast in the poll and this stamp received 3,160 votes.

The design of the stamp s based on a painting by Netta Tiitinen. Known as The Little Dreamer, the painting depicts a girl who loves glitter and sparkles and who is reaching up. According to Tiitinen, the stamp and the painting reflect the courage, enthusiasm, curiosity and spontaneity of children. This non-denominated domestic-rate stamp was issued on 2nd September 2020.

Another non-denominated stamp issued Sept. 2 placed second in the poll with 2,734 votes. Titled Duet, this stamp shows Janne Laine’s image of “two dark forms of birds perching on a treetop against a background of light sky and reddish clouds.”

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