A proposal that created Hyderabad

08 Feb 2021  Mon

Love can win all barriers, it can overcome all storms, it is love that creates and destroys worlds- Unknown.

In the popular Indian love saga’s the story of Muhammad Quil Qutb Shah and Bhagamati is quite unique. Their love story not only assimilates two cultures but formed a city we call Hyderabad today. The heroine of this saga Baghmati was common Hindu girl living in a village near river Musi. One day Muhammad Quil Qutub Shah came to obverse the construction of the bridge on the river Musi and fall in love with the beautiful girl Bagmati. He requites her hand in marriage but faced opposition from many as Bhagmati was commoner and a Hindu girl but beyond all objection, he married her.

To mark the place where they fell in love, Muhammad Quil Qutb Shah build a city around her village and named her Bhagyanagar which was later called Hyderabad as Bhagmat’s name change to Hyder Mahal.

This gold Fanam was issued by Muhammad Quil Qutb Shah, the obverse of this coin depicts Muhammad quil and the reverse depicts Qutb shahi.

Image Courtesy: Marudhar Arts

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