Hollow Cross of Saurashtra Janapada Coins

05 Feb 2021  Fri

Saurashtra was a Janapada during the ancient period in India. Today it is located in modern-day Saurashtra or the Kathaiwad peninsula in Gujarat. The reference of Saurashtra can be found in Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. In Ramayana, the name ‘Saurashtra’ is applied to the country from Sind to Bharuch (Today’s Kutch). Dwarka, the city from where Lord Krishna ruled, is located in Northern Saurashtra. It is said, that the Republican people of Saurashtra are mostly known as agriculturists, traders, or warriors.

Hollow Cross; is considered as one of the holy, religious and cultural symbols. The hollow cross symbol has much belief, and different people have different opinions. We will now discuss this in detail. Some relate this symbol to a sacred fire altar or ‘Agni Kund’, on the other hand, some suggest that it was a place where sacrifices were performed. Some experts relate this open crossed symbol to a water tank, where the four arms schematically show access points to the center where water is stored or it can also represent a holy water tank which can be used possibly for ritual bathing.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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