Commemorative Stamp on Roger Williams

05 Feb 2021  Fri

Roger Williams was a Puritan minister, theologian, and author who founded Providence Plantations, which became the Colony of Rhode Island. He was the son of a merchant tailor, trained under; Sir Edward Coke, and completed his education at the University of Cambridge. He was a staunch advocate for religious freedom, separation of church and state, and fair dealings with Native Americans, and he was one of the first abolitionists.

Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island and an important American religious leader. He arrives in Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony from England. In 1638, founded the First Baptist Church in America, also known as the First Baptist Church of Providence. He also studied Native languages and wrote the first book on Narragansett Languages. He also organized his first attempt to prohibit slavery in any of England's North American colonies.

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