King Richard I of England

04 Feb 2021  Thu

Richard was born on 8 September 1157 in Oxford to Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He is also known as Richard the Fearless. He was one of the greatest and brave kings in the history of England. He is well known for his courage and success in warfare. He possessed considerable political and military ability. Richard's education involved a good dose of chivalric medieval literature thanks to his mother's interest in the subject.

Ricard loved reading and writing poetry; he used to compose his poems in both French and Occitan. Like his brother, he fought with his family, joining them in the great rebellion against their father in 1173. After; the death of his brother Henry I, his father Henry II, wanted to give Aquitaine to his younger son, John.

Later, Richard joined the force with Philip II of France against his father, hounding him to premature death in July 1189. Richard I, earned the title ‘Coeur-de-Lion’ or ‘Lion Heart’ as he was a brave soldier, a great crusader, and won many battles against Saladin, the leader of the Muslims who were occupying Jerusalem at that time.

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