Day of the Virgin of Suyapa in Honduras

03 Feb 2021  Wed

February 3 is Day of the Virgin of Suyapa, the patroness of Honduras. This day commemorates rediscovery of the stolen statue of Virgin of Suyapa.

There are many legends about the day when the statue was found. But one version is considered as the standard that is why it's commonly used. The Hondurans believe that the statue was discovered by a labourer Alejandro Colindres in late January or early February in 1747. The legend says that Colindres and an eight-year-old boy went to Colindres's mother to clear corn fields on Piliguin Mountain.

On their way back they had to sleep outside. Colindres woke up because of sharp pain in the side and he discovered that he slept on something. He threw it as far as he could and found it underneath him as he lay down again. The next morning Colindres discovered, that he was sleeping in o tiny statue that he took with him to set up in his mother's house on the family altar. It remained in the family altar for the next 20 years, until the statue was credited with its first recognized miracle.

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