Tartu Peace Treaty in Estonia

02 Feb 2021  Tue

February 2 is a day of Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty in Estonia. This day commemorates the Day when Tartu Peace Treaty which was signed on 2nd February 1920 by Jaan Poska (the Estonian side) and Adolf Joffe (the Russian side).

The treaty officially ended the independence of the Republic of Estonia de jure and renounced all rights to the territory of Estonia. The anniversary of signing of Tartu Peace Treaty is very important date for the Estonia. This date is considered as the birth day of the modern Republic of Estonia, because for the first time it was officially recognized as the state.

Year 2020 marks the centenary of the Treaty which was celebrated by Estonia with a release of special commemorative coin. The obese of the coin depicts a tree with branches disguising the words TARTU RAHU (Tartu Peace Treaty). It also bears the countryname ‘EESTI’ and the date of issue ‘2 February 2020’. The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag. The reverse of the coin depicts a map, next to the face value, shows the European continent without borders.

Image Courtesy: florinus.lt

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