Today Edward III of England was Coroneted as a King

01 Feb 2021  Mon

Edward III was the king of England; he ruled England for almost 50 years. He is also known as Edward of Windsor. He was the son of Edward II and Isabella of France. After sitting on the throne, he faced many challenges after inheriting a chaotic and disorderly mantle from his recently deposed father, Edward II. Edward III sat on the throne of England in 1327, after his father; was deposed by his mother Isabella and her lover, Roger Mortimer. Both Isabella and Mortimer ruled in the name of Edward III until 1330. Later they were banished by Edward III.

As a king, Edward III was liberal, kindly, good-tempered, and ease of access. He was extraordinary vigour and energy of temperament; he was an admirable tactician and a consummate knight. Today of 1st February 1927 Edward III was coroneted as a king.

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