Charles I of England

30 Jan 2021  Sat

Charles I was the king of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He ascended to the throne of England; in 1625 after the death of his father, King James VI. King Charles-I was the second surviving son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark. As a king Charles I was a disastrous king, he faces his death with courage and dignity. His trial and execution were the first of their kind. During his reign, his action frustrated his parliament that results, in the wars of the English Civil War, eventually leading to his execution in 1649. Like father James VI; Charles-I, believed in the divine right of the king. This means that they thought of themselves as a king they are above law and were chosen by God.

In 1642 the bitter struggle between the king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war. Later, in 1648 he was a force to appear before a high court that was controlled by his enemies. He was convicted of treason and was sentenced to death. On January 30, 1649; Charles I was beheaded for treason in London.

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