A Siege Shilling of Charles I

28 Jan 2021  Thu

Emergency coinage and money has been made on numerous occasions throughout history when towns were under siege. In the 17th century, England was leading through to the English Civil War. These coins were issued in the town of Newark whilst King Charles I and his Royalists were under siege from Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentarian army. The coin is clearly dated 1648 and would have been struck during the third siege.

The obverse of the coin depicts View of Pontefract Castle before it was demolished with the motto of the town of Pontefract is shown as the legend of this coin which is POST MORTEM PATRIS PRO FILIO(After the death of the father for the son). The reverse depicts a three-line inscription DEUS DEDIT 1648) (God has given it) with a crown on the top.

Image Courtesy: 24carat.co.uk

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