Different phases of the sun on stamp

23 Jan 2021  Sat

The USPS announced a new bright issue of ten captivating displays image of the sun taken by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics observatory. This Mesmerizing item features various events that happen on the star including solar flares, sunspots and coronal loops. This beautiful philatelic release was designed by art director Antonio Alcala and the image depicted on it was taken by a spacecraft launched in February 2010. .

Equipped with devices for taking photos of the Sun, SDO has gathered a great number of images during its launch to help scholars learn more about its star and its magnetic field produce the solar activity was observed. These stamps do not represent the real colour perceives by human eyesight. .

The stamp does not represent the real colour perceived by the human eyesight but features NASA’s colourized image processed according to a different wavelength that exposes or underlines particular aspects of the activity of the Sun.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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