Goddess Juno

22 Jan 2021  Fri

Goddess Juno is the queen of all the Roman Gods and Goddesses, the Wife of Jupiter. She is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Hera. She is considered as counsellor and protector of the state.

Her traditional appearance gives her a warlike aspect. Also known as Juno Moneta, she is seen as guiding the finances of the Roman Empire. Furthermore, the month of June is named after her.

As the patron goddess of the Roman Empire, she was named “Regina” or queen and was a member of the Capitolina Triad in Rome, along with Jupiter and Minerva.

The silver denarius of moneyer Julia Maesa depicts Goddess Juno on the reverse side with Juno holding patera with a peacock beside her.

On Imperial coins, Juno was most commonly shown holding a patera, a shallow dish used in sacrifices, with a peacock below. The sacramental dish is usually tilted and the peacock seems to be looking upwards, so it is probable that it is being fed from the dish. Juno was not the only deity shown on Roman coins feeding a sacred creature.

Image Courtesy: American Numismatic Org

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