Jim Thorpe

19 Jan 2021  Tue

James Francis Thorpe, also known as Jim Thorpe, was an American athletics and Olympic gold medalist. He was one of the most accomplished all-rounder athletes in history. In the year 1850, he was selected by American sportswriters and broadcasters as the greatest American athlete. He was also a gridiron football player in the first half of the 20th Century. He was a marvel of speed, power, kicking, and all-around ability.

In 1912, Jim Thorpe; represents the United States at the Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, competing in the new Pentathlon and Decathlon as well as two field events. He won both the multi-event medal and record made by him stood for two decades.

Jim Thorpe made his appearance in football, baseball, and basketball. He played for six teams which, later; became the National Football League. In baseball, he played for three teams; The New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Boston Braves. He also organized an all-India football team. Today, sportswriters rank him at the top of their lists of greatest athletes of the 20th Century.

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