Black history month celebrate on stamp

18 Jan 2021  Mon

Canada Post has released a set of two stamps to celebrate the black history month this year. It is an annually issued stamp to remember and honour famous-Afro-American who made a great contribution to the development of American Nations. This time the two stamps are devoted to communities of Willow Grove, New Brunswick and Amber Valley, Alberta.

The story of Black history month goes to the native pioneering settlement of Willow Groove and Amber valley. It was when this settlement faced difficulties of marginal agricultural land and severe weather condition. The Afro-American were also discriminated by the local and federal government. They have to fight with the prejudice securing their identity as one community. These societies grew despite the animosity of their environment and their descendants have enriched Canadian society and culture.

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Interesting Fact: These set of two stamps were created by Lime Design.

Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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