Square Copper Unit of Satavahan Empire

18 Jan 2021  Mon

Satavahan is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Sapta Vahan' meaning ‘Driven by Seven’. They were the first formidable entity in Peninsular India. They ruled a large part of the Indian subcontinent from the 2nd Century BCE till the 2nd Century CE. The Satavahana Empire; had played a significant role in Indian history between the fall of the Mauryan Empire and the rise of the Gupta Empire. This empire is also known as the Andhras in Deccan, and their capital was at Paithan or Pratishthan. They ruled a large part of Telangana, Andhra-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and part Gujarat.

This copper unit weighs around 4.57g, was issued by the ruler of the Satavahan Empire . The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Elephant walking to right with a tree above’. The reverse of this coin depicts a ‘wheel with a pointed arrow’.

Images courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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