Copper Triple Unit of Indo-Greek King Demetrius I

15 Jan 2021  Fri

Demetrius I, was an Indo-Greek King; he sat on the throne in 200 BC; and ruled it till 180 BC. Demetrius I is also known by the name of Dharmamita. Demetrius I, was the son of king Euthydemus I. Demetrius I, succeeded on the throne of Indo-Greek after the death of this father in 200 BC. After sitting on the throne, Demetrius I; conquered the part of today’s Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This copper triple unit that weighs around 11.43g was issued by Demetrius I, during his rule in Indo-Greek. The obverse of this coin; depicts ‘Elephant head to the right, trunk raised and bell around the neck’. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Caduceus in the center, Greek legend on either sides & monogram in the left-field’.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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