Greifensee cover offered for 341,000 dollars

14 Jan 2021  Thu

One of the first auction sales of 2021, Corinphina auction is going to conduct one of the greatest sales between 25 to 30th January. It event will attract collectors attention toward the premium philatelic material from various collection. All the material that will be presented is divided and described in eight catalogues that can be found on the website of the auction it also includes Greifensee cover which widely regarded as the most significant cover of classical Swiss philately.

It is part of well known ERIVAN collection, the second part which is being sold by Cronphila at this auction. This item sent in 1844 from Zurich to Wildberg has an appropriate age and its condition is also class one grade.

The province of this team does back to 1900 when in the collection of then President of the Banque de France, Paul Mirabaud. The cover causes a sensation at the Paris Exposition.

The cover is offered by the auction house for 300,000 dollars, it i s in excellent condition.

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Image Courtesy: findyurstampvalue

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