Painting on Croatia stamp

13 Jan 2021  Wed

Croatia Post has designed a spectacular set of three stamps dedicated to art. These stamp illustrated masters pieces of famous painters like Hugo Conrad von Hotzendorf, Vjekoslav Karas and Jozo Kljakovic.

The first stamp depicts the famous painting of 1867 Landscape. It is the later work of Hotzendorf. This painting represents all his painting talents and skilful composition. It is detailed landscape work and a refine use of light.

The second stamp shows painting Portrait of a Girl from 1857 is the last of the Karas work. The portrait is said to be conventional form highlight the vivid colour scheme of the background like the bed and drapery with the interesting element of the landscape seen through the window.

The third stamp illustrates the Fishermen of 1935, it is the famous work of Kljakovic. It illustrates the interesting in volume and thought of classical grandeur.

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Image Courtesy: findyurstampvalue

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