Flora on a Roman coin

11 Jan 2021  Mon

According to the Roman Folklore, Goddess Flora is associate with season of spring. She is also connected season of rejuvenation bust also budding youth which makes her an important Roman goddess.

Flora festival is celebrated as the renewal of the circle of life, flower and drinking started in 240 BC. Rose festival is also celebrated in her name. Flora became more famous in the Renaissance humanists period.

During Republic period Flora started appearing on the coin in humanoid form. Mostly she represented in wreath form in the early period. Around 57 BC Flora appeared on the coin in her human personification. The above shown silver denarius depicted bust of Flora wearing a wreath facing right with lituus behind her and legend ‘FLORA PRIMUS’ on her right.

This coin was issued during the Roman Republic under the authority of moneyer C. Sevillius. He belongs to the Alban family who migrated to Rome after the destruction of Alba.

Image Courtesy: American Numismatic.org

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