Stefan Uros III crowned king of Serbia

06 Jan 2020  Mon

Stefan Uros III Nemanjic is also known as Stefan Decanski was the King of Serbia from 6 January 1322 to 8 September 1331. Decanski was the son of King Stefan Milutin, and he defeated several of his family members vying for the throne. He took his epithet Decanski from the great monastery he built at Decani.

While still a youth, he was sent by his father as a hostage with his entourage to Nogai Khan of the Golden Horde, to maintain the peace between the Serbs and Tatars. He stayed at Nogai's court until the Khan's death in 1299.

Stefan Uros III inherited a large state from his father that was rich in silver and gold mines and was also developed in agriculture, livestock farming and commerce. The Holy King concerned himself with philanthropic works and the building and decorating of churches located both within his own realms and abroad. The pinnacle of Stefan’s endowment efforts was the construction of Decani Monastery, whose name he would later carry (St. Stefan of Decani).

Depicted here is a silver Dinar issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts Stefan and St. Stefan standing facing, holding cross between them. The reverse of a coin engraved Christ Pantokrator seated facing on the throne.

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