Brown Box with 100 Coins Holder

30 Dec 2020  Wed

Every collector wishes to keep his coins at the topmost condition so that many upcoming generations can witness the treasure of their forefathers. Any ancient coin is not just a chunk of metal but a history of its time in your hand. So, if you acquire the right tools and unerring methodology to preserve it, you will able to preserve the coin collection and protect them from tarnishing. Hence, accurate storing and protecting with the World’s best quality accessories can only help to keep it for long.

Lighthouse MATRIX Coin Holder is an elegant accessory for storing coins. It is made of sturdy cardboard with a transparent sheet, 100% acid-free plasticizer and anti-reflective. The coin remains see-through and at the same time protected. It enables a collector to write information around the cardboard frame. It can store coins up to 17.5 mm size. The box holds 100 pieces.

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