Copper Coin of Indo-Greek King Strato I

28 Dec 2020  Mon

Strato I; was the son of King Menander and Queen Agathokleia. After the death of his father Menander I, Strato I sat on the throne of Indo-Greek. Strato I was small when his father Menander I died, so; he sat on the throne of Indo-Greek with her mother as her acting as his regent. Strato I ruled the Indo-Greek kingdom between 125 BC and 110 BC.

Strato I sat on the throne of Indo-Greek at a very young age, earlier he issued coins minted to show a young bust of the king along with his mother Agathoklieia with the legend which read as 'Of Saviour King Strato, and Agathokleia. Later, her appearance on the coin seems to be diminishing as Strato came of age. He issued coins that depict Indo-Greek king to appear bearded on coins; this was probably to indicate that he was no longer an infant and show portraits of the king aging from youth to middle-aged.

This copper square coin that weighs around 8.31g was issued by king Strato I during his rule in Indo-Greek. The obverse of this coin depicts the diademed bust of Herakles right, club over shoulder & Greek legend BASILEOS SOTEROS STRATONOS’. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Nike standing right, holding palm and wreath, monogram to right & Kharoshthi legend Maharajasa Tratarasa Stratasa’.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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