Miniature Sheet on Coins of the Independent Sultans of Bengal

24 Dec 2020  Thu

On 21st July 2011, the Bangladesh government issued a miniature sheet that contains four stamps featuring four coins issued by four Sultan of Bengal ruled between 1334 CE to 1432 CE. This miniature sheet depicting the coins of four Bengal Sultanate Sultan that are Fakhr al-Din Mubarak Shah, Sultan Shams al-Din Ilyas Shah, Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Azam Shah, Sultan Jalal al-Din Muhammad Shah.

The first coin depicts coin Sultan Fakhr Al-Din Mubarak shah, word Bangladesh is written both in Roman and Bangla script above. The name of the Sultan, ‘Fakhr Al-Din Mubarak Shah’ with the date (AH 734-750/AD 1334-1349) written below. ‘Silver Coin of the Independent Sultan of Bengal’ written in Roman letter vertically on the left side of the stamps and in Bangla on the right side. Price 10 Taka written on the top left corner in Bangla and top right corner in Roman.

The basic design of all four stamps is the same. The second stamp depicts the Sultan Shams Al-Din Ilyas Shah; the Third stamp belongs to Sultan Ghiyath Al-Din Azam Shah, and the fourth depicts Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Shah.

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