Indo-Scythian ruler Azilises

23 Dec 2020  Wed

Azileses was an Indo-Scythian ruler; he ruled the part of Gandhara. Azilises belongs to the dynasty of Azes in the Indus valley at the beginning of the Christian era. He sat on the throne of Indo-Scythian after Azes I as a king at the end of 1st century BC.

After sitting on the throne of Indo-Scythian; king Azilises continued to issue the obverse side of the coin type king as a horseman with a spear couched. He subsequently; introduced a new obverse type on the coin king as a horseman holding a whip which, was continued by his successor Azes II.

This copper Drachm weighs around 8.4g, was issued by king Azilises during his rule in Indo-Scythian. The obverse of this coin depicts a Diademed king on horseback towards the right with Greek legend. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Heracles seated towards the left on a rock, holding club on his right knee, with Kharoshti legend.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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