Platinum Jubilee of Rotary International Stamp

22 Dec 2020  Tue

The first Rotary Club was formed in Chicago, USA. Next four Rotary Clubs were formed in San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Los Angeles. The National Association of Rotary Clubs in America was formed in 1910. Eventually, Rotary Club came to Canada, Ireland, etc. However, the need to re-name aroused and so, it was named as the International Association of Rotary Clubs in 1912.

It also worked with the UN. Till 1945, 65 countries got enrolled in the Rotary Club. After 1st World War, Rotary Clubs were grouped with Freemasonry as secret societies associated with Jews and banned Nazi officials from joining them. But, it reversed in July 1933 and was forced to ban all Jews from membership.

The motto of Rotary is self-development through services. It comprises activities such as promoting peace, improving health through disease prevention and treatment, improving the health of mothers and children, water and sanitation, education, economic development, and supporting the environment.

The British Virgin Islands issued a stamp on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Rotary International. Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

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