Armed Forces Day in the Philippines

21 Dec 2020  Mon

Armed Forces Day in the Philippines is celebrated on December 21 to commemorate the foundation of the country's military in 1935.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines in their current form were formally organized during the American colonial period. They were established by the National Defense Act of 1935 and were composed of both Filipinos and Americans. The original name of the forces was the Philippine Army.

On 21st December 1935, the first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines Manuel L. Quezon renamed the Philippine Army to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This day was later designated as Armed Forces Day.

Currently, the Armed Forces of the Philippines consist of three service branches: the Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, and Philippine Navy. They have 220,000 active personnel and 430,000 reserve personnel. The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The 20 Piso banknotes of 2009 depict the portrait of President Manuel L. Quezon on the obverse along with the coat of arms on the obverse. The reverse features Malakanyang Palace.

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