Jingle all the way

17 Dec 2020  Thu

Christmas is coming soon, Santa clause is on the way to distribute gift and happiness all around. To celebrate this happy event, Cyprus Post issued Christmas stamps are devoted to traditional Cypriot sweets that are always cooked and served to the festive table and one item show a religious motif.

The religious stamp represents that Nativity of Christ, from a fresco in the Christos Antiphonaries Church in Kalogeria which is an interpretation of the style of Constantinople’s post-Comnenian art. At the opening of the cave, the Virgin Mary is shown lying on a bed. On the left, in a built manger-sarcophagus, Christ is featured swaddled. On the right are Sheherd’s and below the bathing scene. After the Turkish invasion, the figure of the Virgin Mary was removed, irreparably destroying this unique composition.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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