Inverted stamp of Belgium

11 Dec 2020  Fri

Belgium is a tiny country with a rich history in philately. Many collectors are glad to acquire the stamps of this country, which can significantly increase the value of their collections. However, one of the stamps is particularly valuable as it has been preserved only in small quantities. In particular, this is the renowned Inverted Dendermonde. This piece was released in the first half of the 20th century, and it depicts the city hall located on the Large Square in Dendermonde. This inverted stamp of Belgium is considered to be one of the rarest and price stamps in Belgium, it is also labelled as one of the famous stamps of this postal history. This stamp depicts the inverted image of the Dendermonde, a small city in the east Flander that suffered heavy damage due to war. This inverted mistake on the stamp occurred in two sheets of the stamp first run and one pane of the second. This remarkable error stamp was taken by the Post and a few which came in public were destroyed later. Only 14 copies of this error stamp have survived today.

One of these stamps was sold for 130,000 dollars in one of the auction. These inverted stamps are considered as the rarest stamps in the philatelic world.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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