Reign of Emperor Otto II

30 Nov 2020  Mon

Otto II was a German King from 961 and Holy Roman Emperor from 973 until his death in 983. A member of the Ottonian dynasty, Otto II was the youngest and sole surviving son of Otto the Great and Adelaide of Italy.

He continued his father’s policies of promoting a strong monarchy in Germany and of extending the influence of his house in Italy. Otto II also continued the work of Otto I in subordinating the Catholic Church to Imperial control.

Early in his reign, Otto II defeated a major revolt against his rule from other members of the Ottonian dynasty who claimed the throne for themselves. His victory allowed him to exclude the Bavarian line of the Ottonians from the line of Imperial succession. This strengthened his authority as Emperor and secured the succession of his own son to the Imperial throne.

Today on 30th November in the year 977, Emperor Otto II lifts the siege at Paris and withdraws. His rearguard is defeated while crossing the Aisne River by Frankish forces under King Lothair III.

Depicted here is a silver coin issued under his reign. It depicts the facing bust of king on its obverse face.

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