Copper Deca Chalkon of Indo-Scythian ruler Azes I

30 Nov 2020  Mon

Azes I was the ruler of an Indo-Scythian ruler who ruled dominated the Scythians in northern India between 58 BC and 35 BC. Azes I was the most lasting legacy was the foundation of the Azes era. It is believed that the era was begun by Azes's successors by simply continuing the counting of his regnal years.

Maues and his successors had conquered the areas of Gandhara, as well as the area of Mathura from 85 BCE forming the Northern Satraps. Azes I continued as the king of the king to the empire previously ruled by Maues.

This Copper Deca Chalkon that weighs around 24.31g was issued by Azes I during his rule in Indo-Scythians from the mint Hazara. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘king mounted on a horse walking right, holding a spear with Greek legend around’. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘humped bull standing to right with Kharosthi legend around’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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