Treaty of Andelot

28 Nov 2020  Sat

Saint Gontrand also is known as Guntram was the king of Burgundy reigning from 561 to 592. He strove to maintain a balance of power among his warring relations.

On his father’s death in 561, he became king of a fourth of the kingdom of the Franks and made his capital at Orleans. The name “Gontrand” denotes “War Raven”.

He had a good reputation among churchmen. In 585 he issued an edict calling for a stricter observance of Christian life, and his contemporary, so much admired him that he even considered the King able to perform miracles.

Today on 28th November in the year 587, the treaty of Andelot was signed between King Guntram and Queen Brunhilda of Austrasia. Based on the terms of the accord, Brunhilda agreed that Guntram adopts her son Childebert II as his successor and ally himself with Childebert against the revolted leudes.

The above-shown coin which minted during the reign of Childebert II bears the diademed bust of the right, across on the chest. The reverse of a coin represents victory standing frontally, holding a cross and a crown.

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