Teachers' Day in Spain

27 Nov 2020  Fri

Teachers' Day is annually celebrated in Spain on November 27. This day was established to commemorate Joseph Calasanz, Catholic priest, educator and the patron saint of the first popular Christian school in Europe.

Joseph Calasanz was the youngest of eight children and his parents gave him an education at home. Joseph was aware of the importance of free education for poor and he founded the first public school in modern Europe that he opened in November 1597. At that time nobody believed in public education, but Calasanz managed to set up a highly complex structure of schools. He taught his students Latin, native language, mathematics and sciences.

Spain, in his commemoration, celebrates Teacher’s Day on 27th November. Spanish children congratulate their teachers on this day. Special festive activities are planned by every school for this day. On 27th November 1967, Spanish Post issued a 1.50 Spanish peseta post which depicts Canonization of Joseph Calasanz.

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