Gold Pagoda

26 Nov 2020  Thu

British rule India for 200 years, they divided India into three administrative sections called the Presidency. These Presidencies also issued coins in their circle which circulated all over the EIC occupied India.

The above shown two Pagodas belongs to Madras Presidency, it is the issue of 1808 to 1815. The obverse of this gold coin depicts a temple with 9 stars on either side. The denomination is inscribed in Roman and Arabic script on the buckled garter. The reverse of the coin depicts Lord Vishnu surrounded by dotted border and ribbon.

Companies rule didn't last for a long time, the Mutiny of 1857 destroyed the company stronghold and the crown rules coming. Now India and her people were the subjects of the British Crown. It took nearly a century to liberate India from British rule and become an Independent nation as we know today.

PS: Image courtesy Todywalla Auction.

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