New Russian Coin Salutes Health Workers

26 Nov 2020  Thu

The Bank of Russia announced the issue of a commemorative coin dedicated to the “selfless labour of medical workers” on October 12. The coin is in the denomination of 25 rubles.

The pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19, in the midst of which the novelty appeared, is not mentioned on the coin. However, its reverse shows two medics (a woman and a man) in protective suits, which are usually worn by those working with COVID-19 patients. Doctors stand in front of the hospital building and an ambulance. The obverse depicts the coat of arms of Russia, as well as the denomination of the coin (25 rubles) and the year of its issue (2020).

The commemorative coin dedicated to the selfless labour of health workers has been issued in commemoration of the bravery, commitment and real acts of heroism on the part of doctors and medical staff during the pandemic.

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