Reign of Emperor Numerian ends today

20 Nov 2020  Fri

Numerian was Roman emperor from reigning from 283 to 284 with his older brother Carinus. They were sons of Carus, a general raised to the office of praetorian prefect under Emperor Probus in 282.

He succeeded his father, Carus, in the summer of 283, in the midst of a war with the Sasanians. Numerian was emperor in the East, and his brother, Carinus, ruled the West. Numerian led the army home but contracted a disabling eye disease. Late in 284, after the army had reached the Bosporus, Numerian was found dead. His father-in-law, Aper, who had assumed command, was accused of his murder and executed, and the throne passed to Diocletian, commander of the household guards.

Depicted here is Antoninianus issued under Numerian from Lugdunum. The obverse of a coin depicts Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Whereas, the reverse of a coin illustrates Mars advancing right, holding spear and trophy, C right.

According to the Historia Augusta, Numerian was a man of considerable literary attainments, remarkably amiable, and known as a great orator and poet. Allegedly, the senate raised him a statue, inscribed to the most powerful of orators.

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