Copper Paisa of Princely State Lunawada

20 Nov 2020  Fri

Lunawada or Lunavada was the Princely State of India during British rule in India. It is a town in Mahisagar, situated in the Northern Part of the Indian States of Gujarat. The name Lunawada; is derived from Luneshwar Mahadev, a Lord Shive temple. Lunawada; is surrounded by water, the sources being the Panam River, Vasant Sagar, Kishan Sagar, Kanka Talav, Veri, Mahi River, and Darkoli Talav Lake. The ruler of the Lunawada claimed to be descents from the Solanki or Chaulukya dynasty.

This copper half paisa was issued by king Wakhat Singh during rule in princely State Lunawada. The weight of this coin is around 5.34g.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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