Stamp of ‘The Adventure of Tom Sawyer’!

20 Nov 2020  Fri

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer was a novel of the young boy who grew up nearby Mississippi river by Mark Twain. The story revolves around St. Petersburg town in the 1840s. Tom has adventures with his friend, Huckleberry Finn in a novel.

The novel was one of the first kinds to be written by typewriter. Tom Sawyer was shown as an orphan and lived with Polly aunty and half brother. He falls in love with the daughter of a prominent judge, Becky Thatcher.

The novel has elements of humour, satire and social criticism. It comes under Bildungsroman, picaresque, novel, satire, folk, and children’s literature genre. And it was published by American Publishing Company in 1876.

The United States issued a commemorative stamp of Tom Sawyer in 1972 where he is shown as whitewashing fence. In 2000, Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a stamp of ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’.

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