Bukharan coinage, naming al-Amin as governor of Khurasan

18 Nov 2020  Wed

Al-Amin was sixth caliph of the Abbasid dynasty. As the son of Harun ar-Rashid, the fifth caliph, and Zubayda, al-Amin took precedence in the succession over his elder half brother, al-Ma?mun, whose mother was a Persian slave. In 809, al-Amin succeeded to the caliphate, and al-Ma?mun was vested with the administration of the eastern Khorasan region.

Relations between the brothers soon broke down, and in810 al-Amin declared his own son as his direct heir. Open hostilities began in 811, and by 812 al-Amin was besieged in Baghdad, the defence of which lasted more than a year. Al-Amin was captured and executed, apparently against the wishes of his brother.

Depicted here is a silver Drachma from Bukhara naming al-Amin as governor of Khurasan. The obverse of a coin depicts crowned bust facing right; inscription “Bism Allah Muhammad rasul Allah muhammadiyya mimma amara bihi al-amin ‘ala [yaday] Sulayman lillah” illustrates around. The obverse of a coin represents Crude fire altar flanked by attendants.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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