Catherine the Great - longest-ruling female leader of Russia

17 Nov 2020  Tue

Catherine II, often called Catherine the Great, was born in Prussia in 1729 and married into the Russian royal family in 1745. Catherine II served as Empress of Russia for more than three decades in the late 18th century. Shortly after her husband ascended to the throne as Peter III, Catherine orchestrated a coup to become Empress of Russia in 1762.

Remembered in large part for her romantic liaisons, Catherine also expanded Russian territories and sought to modernize its culture through progressive views on arts and education. She made some significant contributions to Russia, bringing forth educational reforms and championing the arts.

As a leader, Catherine also extended the country's borders through military might and diplomatic prowess. The coin shown above was issued in the year 1791 and weighs 16.56 grams. The coin shows crowned monogram of Ekaterina II divides date within a wreath on the obverse whereas the reverse portrays crowned double-headed eagle, initials divided below.

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