Empress Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanos III Argyros

12 Nov 2020  Thu

Zoe Porphyrogenita was Byzantine Empress reigning from 1028 until her death in 1050. Today on this day in the year 1028, Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanos III Argyros. She ruled alongside her three husbands, she adopted son Michael V, and her sister Theodora.

Zoe was born when her father Constantine was nominal co-emperor to his brother, Basil II. Basil died in 1025 when Zoe was 47. Her father ascended the Byzantine throne as Constantine VIII. As he had no sons, Constantine hoped to continue the dynasty by marrying off one of his daughters. Zoe, aged 50, was married to Romanos Argyros. They took the throne the next day on her father's death.

The above-shown coin is Byzantine Gold Histamenon Nomisma Struck under the joint reign of Zoe and Theodora at Constantinople mint. The coin depicts busts of Zoe and Theodora, both crowned with pendants and wearing SACCOs and loros, supporting and holding together a labarum in the obverse. The reverse depicts a veiled bust of the Virgin Mary wearing pallium and maphorium which is decorated on both shoulders with four pearls. Bust of the young Christ with a cruciform nimbus over the chest.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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