Emperor Constantine VIII of Byzantium

11 Nov 2020  Wed

Constantine VIII was the Byzantine Emperor. He was a co-emperor with his brother Basil II from 962 to 1025 and sole ruler from 1025 to 1028. Today on 11th November in the year 1028 Constantine VIII died, ending his uninterrupted reign as emperor or co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire of 66 years.

A pleasure-loving man, Constantine had no interest in politics, statecraft or the military. His brief reign is said to have been "an unmitigated disaster", sparking "a collapse of the military power of the Empire".

Depicted here is a Histamenon Nomisma issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the bust of Christ with nimbus cross behind head, 2 dots in each limb of the cross, holding the book of gospels with the dot in the centre of the book's border. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin engraved crowned bust of Constantine facing, holding labarum with pellet on shaft and akakia.

Image Source: http://www.wildwinds.com

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