Gold Dinar of Later Kushan ruler Vasudeva II

11 Nov 2020  Wed

Vasudeva II was the ruler of the Kushan Empire; he ruled this empire between 275 CE and 300CE. He may have sat on the throne of the Kushan Empire after Kanishka III and may have been succeeded by a king named Shaka Kushan. He was the local ruler and had ruled the part of Taxila, in western Punjab, under the suzerainty of the Gupta Empire.

This gold dinar that weighs around 7.78g was issued by him during his rule in the Kushan Empire. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Standing king facing towards left; holding a trident in right hand making an offering at an altar at left, garlanded trident above the altar, letter Vasu in right field, and Vi beside feet, with Pseudo-Greek legend around. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Ardoksho enthroned facing, holding cornucopia, tamgha in upper left field and legend in the right field’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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