World-Famous Jungle Book Stories Stamps

04 Nov 2020  Wed

Jungle books are nostalgic memories for nineties kids. Sundays were eagerly awaited by the kids to watch jungle books cartoons.

Originally, the Jungle Book was written by the Rudyard Kipling in 1894. Author picked interesting animals characters and called them with Indian names such as wolf [Akela], Black Panther [Bagheera], bear [Baloo], monkeys [Bandar lok], python [Kaa], cobra [Naag], tiger [Shere Khan], etc. The main character was a young jungle boy, Mowgli around whom the whole story revolves. He was raised with wolves’ cubs by a mother wolf, Raksha and other wolves.

Kipling wrote these stories for his daughter, Josephine who died at the age of 6 from pneumonia.

The story was first published in magazines. Many movies have been based on Jungle Book’s episode. It was used as motivational stories for inculcating moral values within kids.

Bhutan has issued a series of ‘Jungle Book’ stamps and a miniature sheet in 1982.

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