Panama's Flag Day

04 Nov 2020  Wed

Panama's Flag Day is celebrated on 4th November, next day after Independence Day. The flag was designed by Maria de la Ossa de Amador, the daughter of the Panamanian leader Manuel Amador Guerrero. It was first presented in 1903, but the formal adoption took place on 25th March 1925.

The flag of Panama is a rectangular banner divided into four quarters. The upper left and lower right fields are white, the upper right field is red, and the lower-left field is blue. On the upper left field, there is a five-pointed blue star. The lower right field contains a similar star, but it is red instead of blue.

The coloured quarters and stars represent rival political parties (blue stands for Conservatives, while red symbolizes the Liberals), while the white quarters represent the peace in which they operate. Panama's Flag Day is marked with flag hoisting ceremonies, colourful parades and other festive events and activities.

In the year 2008, the Panama Post issued a special commemorative stamp honouring The Nation: Creators of National Symbols that is Maria Ossa de Amador, the creator of the first Flag. The stamp comes with the denomination of 0.25 Panamanian balboa.

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