Azores’s 1898 Vasco da Gama Stamps Set

03 Nov 2020  Tue

The Azores Islands are a volcanic archipelago of nine major islands and some smaller islets in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. They were uninhabited when first discovered by Europeans sometime in the early 15th century. The first colonists arrived from Portugal in 1436 along with domestic animals for subsistence.

Stamps for the Azores were issued from 1868 to 1931, which were replaced by the stamps of Portugal in 1931. Stamps inscribed “Portugal Acores” were produced beginning in 1980. These stamps are sold and are valid throughout Portugal.

In 1898, Portugal and Colonies produced an omnibus issue of eight stamps with common design types for the 400th anniversary of the first voyage of Europeans to India led by Vasco da Gama. Sets were issued by Portugal, Azores, Macao, Madeira, Portuguese Africa, Portuguese Congo, Portuguese India, St. Thomas and Prince Islands, and Timor. The stamps’ designs feature historic, heroic, and allegorical scenes.

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