Umar II- the most pious caliph of Umayyad Dynasty

02 Nov 2020  Mon

Umar Ibn Abd Al Aziz commonly known as Umar II was the eighth Umayyad Caliph reigning from 717 until his death in 720.

He was a pious and respected caliph who attempted to preserve the integrity of the Muslim Umayyad caliphate by emphasizing religion and a return to the original principles of the Islamic faith.

Umar made various significant contributions and reforms to the society, and he has been described as "the most pious and devout" of the Umayyad rulers and was often called the first Mujaddid and the fifth righteous Caliph of Islam.

The above shown gold Dinar was issued during his reign from Damascus mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the inscription ‘La Ilaha Illalahu Wahdahu Lasharikalahu’.

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