The Day of Dead in Belarus

02 Nov 2020  Mon

Dziady is an ancient Slavic festival dedicated to the commemoration of the dead. It is still informally celebrated on Belarus on 2nd November. The word “dziady” can be literally translated as “grandfathers”.

The name of the festival refers to the tradition of honouring the deceased ancestors. Since the earliest of times, the Polish people have honoured the dead for their guidance and wisdom, and at these times they are invited to rejoin those who still walked in human form. This day has been commemorated on a 1 ruble silver coin issued in the year 2008.

The obverse of the coin depicts a relief image of the State Emblem of the Republic of Belarus in a circle framed by a geometric ornament in the centre symbolizing the sun's rays. Under it is the year of minting. The circle is surrounded by inscriptions in the upper part - RESPUBLIKA BELARUS in the upper part and the denomination in the lower part.

The reverse depicts the interior of a village hut in the centre, in which a table is set for the commemoration of the dead. Above the entrance to the hut, two angels are shown holding a candle. Left, right and top of the coin is decorated with relief elements of the Belarusian national ornament with motives of the Soul.

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