Personalise Your Collection with Lighthouse Coin Sheets Optima

29 Oct 2020  Thu

The human hands are considered to be the most contaminated part of the body. It can hold various contaminated stuff such as sweat, oil, bacteria, fungi, coronavirus. In such an era of the corona, you must need to take extra caution. The normal soft plastic like polyvinyl chloride or PVC will start to breakdown and will turn acidic. This causes coins to react with the atmosphere. Also, sunlight has a bleaching effect due to the ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays lead to the fading of bright colours of your collectables.

To prevent this from happening, use acid-free Lighthouse Coin Sheets Optima . Personalize your collection with these transparent refills for coins with insertion strips without acid plasticizer to protect and present your coins.

The given sheets are of transparent. Each sheet can hold 15 coins up to 42 mm.

Disclaimer: We are glad to be at your service. We would like to share that all the needful precautions and sanitization are taking care from our ends. We appreciate your patience and trust! #StayHomeStaySafe

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