Copper Coin of Pre Satvahana from Pauni region

28 Oct 2020  Wed

Pauni is a town and Municipal Council in the Bhandara district situated in the Indian States of Maharashtra. This town is surrounded on three sides by a moat and earthen rampart, and the fourth side by the Wainganga River. Pauni is surrounded by Umred-Karhandla wildlife sanctuary, famous for tigers and other wild animals. This town might have ruled by the Satavahana dynasty during the ancient period. From the archaeological excavation from this place had found coins belong to the Satavahana dynasty.

This copper coin that weighs around 5.42g was issued by the Pre-Satvahana king from the Pauni region. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Bull walking to the right, taurine above’. The obverse of this coin is the plane.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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