Locomotives of Benin

26 Oct 2020  Mon

The railway network of Benin is 578 Kilometre long and single track. The country does not share a railway network with any of the neighbouring countries. But, the railway line to Niger is under construction.

It is interesting to note that Niger do not possess any railway links and so, the new line will provide a first and only rail route to and from that country.

The railway lines are divided into Northern line, Eastern line, Western line and Narrow gauge. The first railway line was started by French colonial rule in 1906.

The longest narrow gauge line was the Chemin de Fer d’Abomey-Bohicon-Zagnanado. It remained in function from 1927 to 1947.

Benin has purchased three diesel locomotives from Golden Rock Railway Workshop, India. The three new powerful Co-Co locomotives are numbered CC1301, CC1302, and CC1303.

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Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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